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Thursday, January 22, 2015

7 months of Hallie Anne!

Okay, this is getting out of hand you guys! Hallie cannot be 7 months, I just wont allow it! Please baby, please slow down and don't grow up too fast! 

  • Age- 7 months! (No! It couldn't possibly be 7 months yet!)
  • Weight-  12 lb. 11 oz! Not yet on the curve, but SOOOO close! 
  • Length- 26 inches! Still long and skinny
  • Size- Size 1 Diapers! Onesies- 3 month or 3-6 Months Ts!  Pants- the waist on the 3-6 month are too big, but the length on the 3's are too small...LIMBO!  PJs Starting to bust out of 3 month, but 6 month are still a bit big! 
  • Eyes- Still blue! Yay!!! 
  • Hair- LIGHT brown! And finally starting to grow back some!
  • Sleeping- 10-12 hour stretches at night, starting to have some anxiety every few nights though...takes about 2 or 3 naps a day
  • Eating- 26 oz a day.  Veggies: Green beans (FAVE!) Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Squash Fruits: Allergic to pears, hate Peaches, will eat: Berries, avocado, Apples, and prunes. Also loves oatmeal and CHICKEN! 
  • Milestones- Rolls both ways...everywhere! Sitting with no help!! Pulling up by herself and walking with help!  Still babbling a ton, and "singing" Still drooling and teething! Loves to shove anything in her mouth! Is still scooting, but getting so close to crawling! Seriously, any day now!Just before I posted this she crawled for the first time! Big girl! Expect a video tomorrow!
  •  Memorable outings- Playgroup, Christmas, Trip to Houston for Mrs. Sindi's birthday.
  • Favorite toys/activities- The Exersaucer!! Still loves her turtle which we have named Dewy! The Taggie elephant and princess dolly she got for Christmas are her new favorites! Also: Puppets and loves books! A girl after my own heart! We read before bed every night! She got a Children's Bible for her Baptism, and we always do that before bed with a prayer. Also loves the rhymes we do at story time! Particularly (Tick Tock,Horse named Ron and Patty Cake!) Loves to play with Stella.  DANCING! She loves to shake it! Especially with Daddy! She also really enjoys listening to music. WALKING with help! Seriously it makes her sooo happy! And she recently loves dressing up! Beads and shoes! 
  • Words/sounds- Imitating sounds a little. Singing "Ooh Ooh" especially in the car and I swear she tries to say: Hey, Mom and Dad..but I am probably crazy 
  • Nicknames- I call her sweet pea, peanut, peanut butter, sweet girl or Hal...Daddy likes to call her Daniel son when I put headbands on her...but other than that sticks to a generic sweetie or cutie!
  • Funny moments- Hallie has started sniffing! It is hilarious! She also sounds like she is hyperventilating when she gets excited! 
  • Looking forward to- savoring each and every moment! They are going too too fast! Also can't wait to celebrate Valentines day with her! My sweet sweet girl!


  1. Stop it!! She can't be 7 months already?! Too fast!
    Mia has always been tiny as well :) She just wore a 12 month outfit today, ha ha!

  2. YAY she is crawling now! How exciting 7 months is! She is so cute and so adorable with the blue eyes <3

  3. So cute!!! That third picture is too funny!

  4. Sweet thing is still a teeny little thing! I love your stats board. I love that she loves dancing and dressing up! What a girlie girl!


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