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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Liebster 2!

How fun! I was nominated again for another Liebster award by Ashley, from Thanking God for Second Chances! Thanks Ashley! 
Here are the rules::
1. Post 11 random facts about yourself.  
2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.  
3. Nominate other Blogs to do the same.  
4. Let the bloggers know you nominated them.

 11 Random Facts About Myself  
1. I listen to Christmas Music year round!
2. I never left the country until my Honeymoon to London. It still is the only time I have left the good 'ol United States!
3. When Topanga and Cory got married on Boy Meets World, I had my mom write me a note to get out of a school function so I could watch it! lol
4. I hate whipped cream....but I love Cool Whip! 
5. I need more sleep than the average person! Thank God my 5 month old loves her sleep! She sleeps about 10-12 hours tonight...and I myself need 9-10 and copious amounts of coffee upon waking (shh...people think I am naturally peppy!)
6. I am a sitcom junkie! I have seen every episode of Friends, Boy Meets World, Gilmore Girls (does that count as a sitcom???) and How I Met Your Mother MULTIPLE times!
7. I am a festivity nut! Yep, I have a tradition for practically every holiday!!
8. Scariest moment of my life: I was in a car fire!
9. Best moment in my life: Welcoming my daughter into our lives with my amazing husband! 
10. Peanuts= yummy Peanut butter= ewwie! 
11. I am allergic to bananas, red wine and macadamia nuts 

Now for Ashley's 11 questions...

1. What is your favorite makeup item?- Blush! I know that's lame but I look super pale otherwise!
2. What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory? Keeping the secret of what I was Thankful for last year! My teeny daughter growing in my belly!
3. What is your favorite meal? Just 1???!!! Pasta, Cesar Salad, and Bread! Can't go wrong!
4. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? Pay off our house!
5. What is your dream job? Can I just get paid to be a mommy?! No? Okay....maybe a shop owner of some sort! I have so many creative ideas that I  would love to put to use!
6. If you were given a free vacation of your choosing, where would you go? ITALY
7 Why do you blog? To document my daughter's life
8. Do you have a personal mission statement? If so, would you mind sharing? Oh gosh, not really...aside from the whole Golden rule thing! Do unto others...you know...
9. What one item must you have with you at all times? I guess my phone... or chapstick!
10. Favorite thing about your home?  Hallie's room! My Mom, Mother in Law, Best friend Joyce and Cousin in Law Jennifer, helped me make it so special for Hallie Anne!
11. Do you Black Friday shop? If so, what are you "must" places to hit? NO! I prefer Cyber Monday...no crowds, no lines, no crazies!!!! 

I am nominating ALL MY READERS!!! Especially Sindi! Please share some facts about you and answer these questions on your blog or respond below!

1. Do you have a favorite Family Tradition? 
2. Who was your favorite teacher? 
3. What is your best talent?
4. Spring or Fall? Why?
5. Summer or Winter? Why? 
6. Tell us about your best Vacation!
7. Do you have a favorite song?
8. Whose your hero?
9. Biggest Pet Peve?
10.  Favorite Color? 
11. If you could be a character on any movie or TV show who would you choose? 



  1. Aww! Yay! I love this! I will for sure do this tomorrow :) you gave me something to write about! Thank you, sweet lady!

    1. I always forget you are allergic to red wine! I knew about the Christmas music year round :) My favorite make up is blush and mascara, but mostly blush :) I've never done Black Friday cause I prefer Cyber Monday as well! Justin took Monday off (cyber Monday) so he's going to help me...more like watch what I spend money on haha!

    2. Sindi, this is why we're such good buddies!

  2. You were in a car fire? Scary! Andi can't believe you don't like peanut butter! Does this mean you don't like Reeses?

    1. Yes! My husband's dad's truck caught fire while I was using it to move while we were dating!

    2. Oh and yes, my husband is the Reeses lover in our house!

  3. Hahaha, that is so awesome that you had your mom write a note so you could stay home and watch BMW! I LOVE that show, it is seriously the best!

    1. I know, I'm ridiculous! I also may have thrown something at the tv when Cory kissed Lauren. .. proud moment!

  4. 1. I miss it since we dont do it anymore but i miss christmas eve at my nana and papa's house and The Gee Wiz ride on Christmas Eve where we would go look at Christmas lights. That is my favorite. 2.11th Grade History teacher Coach Smith. He inspired me to have a deeper faith in God and gave me a God's Promise book at graduation. 3. I would say I am a good singer and painter and I draw and write well. I used to be good at acting and dancing but I have not honed those skills in years and lost the talent. 4. Fall because I love cooler weather and the balloon festival and I love grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting outside. 5. Winter. Texas summers are too hot! 6. Best vacation would have to be France and Italy a few years back with my best friend. It was a cool trip and I liked seeing all of the historic places. However vacation with my family I think I have to say Sanibel. My sisters and I always had fun together no matter what on those trips and I cherish that. 7. My favorite song is Black Balloon by Goo Goo Dolls because I love that band and despite the song's meaning it is a beautifully written song. 8. My mom. I admire her strength and her heart and ability to never give up and find the good in everyone. And ability to still laugh and smile despite the circumstances. 9. Pet peeve when someone starts to tell you something then stops and says nevermind. 10. Purple which I learned is also my sisters favorite color too! 11. Joey on Dawsons Creek. I love her character and always wanted to be her.

    1. Yay purple! Yes, christmas is not the same at bobs

  5. I have only ever been to Mexico and the Bahama's as far as leaving the country. And HIMYM was the best show - hysterical!

    1. Right?! So funny! There is hardly anything good on now


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