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Monday, November 24, 2014

5 Months of Hallie Anne

5 months?! Woah slow down kiddo! It's going way to fast! Let me stop and hold you a little longer! Soon you will be crawling away from Mommy and be too busy to give me snuggles! 

All About Hallie this month-
  • Age- 5 months!
  • Weight-  11 lb. 2 oz! A whole pound in a month...yet still not on the curve for weight! 
  • Length- 23 1/2 inches! She is a long skinny girl!
  • Size- I pulled out the size 1 diapers, but I am thinking of getting more Newborn ones...these 1's are HUGE on her! She doesn't leak or anything, they are just super big and puffy and kind of look ridiculous!  Onesies- We had a moment a week or so ago when the newborn onesies wouldn't snap on the bottom...probably when she grew that extra 1/2 inch in length. The size 3 onesies are still big, but the Tshirts fit great! So she is either wearing those or the really big onesies with pants so that you can't see the extra flap at the bottom! lol  Pants- 3 month (mostly) again needing them for length. Some fit great, some are huge! PJs 0-3 or 3 month for length! This girl! Skinny mini! She is soo long!
  • Eyes- Still blue! Fingers are totally crossed they stay blue! Other Moms...when did your babies eyes change color?
  • Hair- Brown, but seems to be getting lighter. She also has her Daddy's cowlick!
  • Sleeping- 10-12 hour stretches at night! (Generally 7pm to 6 or 7 am) Usually takes 3 small naps during the day! 
  • Eating- Still every 3 hours (aside from at night!) She gets 4 oz at each feeding except the first and the last feeding of the day when she'll take 5-6 oz. We tried rice cereal...she hated it! We are going to try oatmeal soon! 
  • Milestones- Still rolling every now and then, but she would rather try to figure out crawling! She scoots backwards and then gets mad because she is moving away from her toys instead of closer to them! She is getting really good at practicing sitting! Loves to stand and will even try and hold herself up on the ottoman, which is her new favorite thing to do!! Still babbling a ton! Still drooling and teething! Loves to shove anything in her mouth! Especially hands...not always her own and Daddy's nose!
  • Memorable outings- Storyime/playgroup, Pumpkin Patch, Halloween/Trick or Treat, and Visiting Houston again!
  • Favorite toys/activities- Still loves ceiling fans and mirrors! Loves her turtle which we have named Dewy! Also Hello Kitty Blocks, Owl rattle, Dolly, rings, Firefly, Very Hungry Caterpillar, Her new dolly from friend Mira, etc.  Loves books! A girl after my own heart! We read before bed every night! Also loves the rhymes we do at story time! Particularly (Tick Tock, Horse named Ron and Patty Cake!) Loves to play with Stella.  DANCING! She loves to shake it! Especially with Daddy! She also really enjoys watching football and listening to music! 
  • Words/sounds- Imitating sounds a little. Has started saying "Ooh Ooh" to herself usually in the mirror or sometimes to her BFF the ceiling fan!
  • Nicknames- I call her sweet pea, peanut, peanut butter, sweet girl or Hal...Daddy likes to call her Daniel son when I put headbands on her...but other than that sticks to a generic sweetie or cutie!
  • Funny moments- Sticking out tongue or mouth WIDE open! She also loves to grab our hands and stick them in her mouth! I also loved the video I got of her practicing standing holding the ottoman!
  • Looking forward to- Each and every moment! We are decorating for Christmas tonight (the weekend got away from us too fast!) and I can't wait to see her face when she sees the lights and ornaments! 

Slow Down Baby girl! 
Mommy Loves you!
<3 Kelly


  1. Sweet baby girl!! 5 months?! She really is growing too fast!!

    1. I know! I get so sad! I know I shouldn't but I just can't believe those baby days are almost over!

  2. Awww so sweet! She is a tall and thin little lady! Good problem to have! :) My Claire has the same giraffe!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

    1. I know! It's so funny! Daddy is super tall and I was always a skinny kid, so she got both!

  3. She is so cute! Happy give months to your sweet girl. I cannot believe she is still in newborns!! Our oldest was in "ones" forever...she was in premie sizes for the first two months. Cherish every moment. She will be all over the place before you know it!! ;)

    1. Thank you! I know! Hallie was in preemies for a long time, but i figured the 1's would fit by now!

  4. Oh my gosh! Look at the cutie baby girl! Happy 5 months sweet girl!

  5. She is precious and SO pretty! Wow! Thanks for sharing this with me, Kelly! What a blessing!

    1. Thank you so much, many prayers for your little one!

  6. 5 months?! She is such a good sleeper! And I feel like you are going to have quite the mover on your hands. Already trying to crawl and standing up! You might be in for it, mama. ;)

    1. Thank you! I know, we are so blessed that she sleeps so well! Always has! She is definitely going to be a mover and shaker though!


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