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Monday, October 13, 2014

Don't mind if Fondue and a trip to Wonderland

Happy Monday friends! I am pumped and ready to start another week? How about you?

This weekend was so much fun!

Friday night Joyce and I went to Cru wine bar and enjoyed some delicious wine and fondue!  Everything there is so delicious! Here's what we had: (Ps sorry for the poor lighting...I didn't get smart and use my flash until the last one...it must have been the wine talking! lol)

I enjoyed this flight of white wine, Joyce had red. Weird fact about me...I'm allergic to some red wines! I can drink sangria, but that's about it!

We started with these goat cheese bengeits which were OH SO YUMMY and by far my favorite thing there!  Fried cheese soaked in honey...Yes please!

Of course we had to indulge in cheese fondue served with pears, apples, bread, crispy artichokes and potatoes. Okay, confession time! I might have an obsession with cheese and may or may not have wanted to lick this plate clean when we were done! Don't worry I was a lady, but I did think about it!

And chocolate fondue, because we had to! YUM! Joyce and I are like the perfect pair when it comes to sharing this plate too! I don't care for strawberries and another fun fact..I'm allergic to bananas, and Joyce isn't overly obsessed with sweets as me, so the fruit were all hers! And I got more of the cake, which was perfect for me!
My Partner in crime! (I did have on a cute shrug over this, but it was soooo hot in there!)y ou also can't tell but I of course had to wear my Hallie necklace! Because I missed her so much!) 

Saturday Hallie and I did a lot of errand running and cleaning and I made pasta for dinner.  

Sunday: We went to Church as a family and had breakfast with Larissa and her family! Dumb me I didn't get a picture of that, but I did get one of Hallie at Church!

After breakfast I soaked up plenty of Hallie time! You can find her cute dress here!

Then I took a trip to Wonderland for my friend Kassandra's wedding shower! The decoration's were just too cute! The hostess, Jan did a wonderful Job!

 We all wore hats!

 She even painted the roses red!

 The Bride to be!
I was so impressed with all the great details! What a great time!

Hallie even enjoyed wearing Mama's hat after the fun party!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! What did you do?! 
<3 Kelly


  1. What a fun weekend!! Who doesn't love a good fondue and wine night?!

  2. Wine bars are seriously my most favorite things to do ! I love being able to sample so many different kinds!

  3. So glad I met you on Sunday! Thanks for the mention in your blog!

  4. Oh my gosh, how much fun!! All the way around...from the food/wine, to the party :)

  5. Fondue and wine, count me in!! Dipped in honey?! Yum. Looks like such a cute party!


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