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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

You Know You're a Mom When

I have been a Nanny for SEVERAL years now! And I truly believe that as a Nanny I have worked just as hard as a mother and done everything a mother has done before I became one.  I was definitely prepared for what was to come when I found out I was pregnant! The only differences I have found are:

You know you're a Mom when:

1.) You get the Mom brain...yes folks it's a real thing...I wore my shirt inside out to the grocery store this week....Mom brain at it's finest.  

2.) Your bedside goes from:
This! Yep, book for Mommy, book for baby..

3.) You spend more time assuring your mini-me looks cute than you do on yourself! 

4.) You become even better at multitasking than before!
5.) Your bedtime is the same as your 2 month old baby!
But Mother and Nanny, neither experience would I trade! I have loved every minute of both and have been so blessed to have had so many children enrich my life. Each child, including Hallie has taught me something new.  Love, Patience (though I still work on that one), imagination, and kindness.  Each child is different and thanks to all the children in my life, I am a better person because of them.
<3 Kelly


  1. haha!! cutest post ever! I can totally relate to ALL of these points :-)

    1. haha! Yes, there is something about wearing your shirt inside out to the grocery store that only another mama can relate to!

  2. hahaha, oops!! mommy brain is terrible! And I love Sophie Kinsella books!

    1. Ooh me too! Can't wait for the new shopaholic!

  3. Oh my gosh - this is hysterical! Mom brain is such a thing - I'll forget dates, appointments, things I have NEVER forgotten in the past - its all gone. And yes, I'm always spending all this time picking out Olivia's outfit, and getting her all straight that I throw something on that doesn't match and run out the door. I always have her in a dress and bow and I'm in like workout clothes. :)

    1. Boy do I know that! My little one is queen of bows and I'm always in sweats or jeans!

  4. Soooooooooo true and so cute!! :) I love it all!


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