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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Story Time!

Yesterday I took Hallie to our local library.  They do a special story time for babies 0-9 months, which is perfect because I really want to instill a love for reading in her! I love to read and hope that this is one quality she gets from me! 
This story time was great! It was full of songs, rhymes and movement.  Unfortunately Hallie was a little fussy, so we did most of it one-handed so I could give her a bottle to keep her happy!
 This is Hallie enjoying her bottle and Old  Mc Donald!

One thing that I really LOVED was that the librarian used Baby Signs the whole time! I fully intend on teaching Hallie baby signs, and I thought that this would be a great transition into them! Apparently each week they do a sign of the week.  This week's sign was the sign for "Again"

To do the sign "Again"- Use your non dominant hand and lay it palm up. Then take your dominant hand and bend at the knuckles in a 90 degree angle. Tap your fingertips repeatedly into your palm.     

We used this sign a lot because she did each rhyme or song 2x,  Another thing I LOVED because I have always heard that babies learn through repetition! 

After the books and rhymes, the librarian brought out toys for the kids to play with.  Balls, toys and these really cool bottles filled with water, oil and food coloring or beads!  Hallie LOVED these and I am so going to make her one! She also loved when the librarian went around blowing bubbles! They were definitely a BIG hit! 

I am also now a proud owner of a library card! Okay okay...before you start thinking "Holy COW this lady doesn't have a library card?!"The card I was holding was from my parent's city, just one city away from ours.  I lived there for a while in college and was still driving back and forth whenever I wanted to go to the library...which I'll admit, since graduation, hasn't been much!  But today I got one for our city and Hallie and I were able to get some good books! I got a Hester Browne novel: "The Runaway Princess".  I hope it's good. I really enjoy British novels and until the new Sophie Kinsella comes out, I've read all of hers! If anyone has any other book suggestions, I would love to hear them! After all, I have a library card now! 

Nails: Glam by Jamberry  I love that they are metallic! What do you think? 

I went a little overboard with books for Hallie...we got 10! But I just couldn't help it! I love reading to her, especially at bedtime! I know she probably doesn't understand just yet, and maybe she can't even fully see the pictures, but she does smile at the rise and fall of my voice, and I am creating beautiful memories that I will cherish!

Do you enjoy reading to your kiddos? 
What are some of your favorite books?

<3 Kelly


  1. Oh my! Your baby is precious!!! I too intend on teaching my future nuggets to use sign!

    -Mae(Endlessly Ever After)

    1. Thank you!!! I do think its a great idea!!

  2. This is so wonderful!!! Some of my best childhood memories are going to the library with my mom!!

    1. Thank you! I hope she will too! Have a great Friday!


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