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Friday, September 5, 2014

Oh hey, Friday- Stella Puppy

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For today, I thought I would formally introduce you to the furry member of our family, my first baby, Stella.

Here are 5 things about our silly lovable puppy girl!

1.) Everyone is always asking me what kind of dog she is.  Stella is a miniature Australian Shepherd.

2. Stella HATES being in water...no bath....no pools. I can only ever so rarely convince her to get in to the first step of my parents pool...and usually once she gets out, she avoids the pool like the plague the rest of the day!

3.) Stella loves being dressed up! Tutus, fancy collars....the dumb cheesy bandanas from the grooming salon..She will seriously cry when you take them off and whine until you put them back on....I wonder where she got that from....?

4.) Stella was so much sweeter to Hallie when she came home from the hospital than I thought she would be.  She actually looks out for her like a big sister! It's the sweetest thing ever! Once, I had my hands full, and Hallie started crying, so Stella ran to find Daddy to take care of her! She will also stand and watch over her until I get there if she starts crying and I'm in another room.  She is very protective when visitors come, and she even lets Hallie play with her fur...yep...these 2 are going to be besties!

5.) Stella was the female runt of the litter, which I hear is the best dog to get....I think I've heard right, because this dog is pretty awesome!


  1. My Stella was the runt of her litter too....definitely makes them the best!!!! :)

    1. I think so! I also think it helps if they are named stella ;)

  2. So cute! Love the last pic of baby and dog!

    1. Thank you! I was so shocked how well she handled it!

  3. aww what a sweet Stella pup!! And what a great big sister!


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