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Monday, September 29, 2014

Must Have Monday 0-3 months

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Ours was awesome! Hallie's pictures went GREAT despite the crazy morning before them! I can't wait to share them with you! We should get them on Tuesday, so be looking for them later in the week! Also I may have a new snazzy Blog Cover photo too! Many thanks again to Larissa with Purple Moments Photography! We also got to spend a TON of time with Christopher's Mom/Memi! Here are some cute pics of Hallie with Memi and Pop.

Now on to Monday! For today's Must Have Monday, I thought now that we have reached the 3 month mark, I would share with you some of the products that we couldn't live with out in our first 3 months! Some of these products I have shared with you before, but they are just THAT important guys!

For Baby
 1.) The Fisher Price Rock n' Play Sleeper- This sleeper is awesome! It is the perfect height to put by the bed while they are small AND it vibrates and rocks! Now that Hallie is in her crib, we don't use it for sleeping, but FUN FACT...she is happily kicking away in it next to me, RIGHT NOW!

2.) Carters Newborn and Preemie sized onesies.  If your little one is long and skinny like mine...these will be the ONLY ones that fit just right!

3.) Pampers Sensitive diapers- These have been great because Hallie has always been a great sleeper, and I don't have to worry about her getting a rash from staying in the same diaper while she sleeps for a long time.

4.) Board Books...any and all board books! Room on the Broom is a favorite right now, but Hallie just LOVES to be read to! She stares at the pictures and has recently started cooing back! So cute!
5.) Dr. Brown Bottles- This brand it great! Especially for gassy babies!
 6.) Chicco Key Fit 30 Infant seat- LOVE our carseat! I especially love how padded the infant cushion is because of how little Hallie was in the beginning! 
7.) Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle- OKAY I'll admit, I was pretty skeptical of this contraption at first, and I still think it's kind of ugly and HATE covering up Hallie's cute PJs, BUT IT WORKS! She can't kick out of it, and sleeps infinitely better with it on! 
 8.) Skip Hop Owl Activity Gym- It makes tummy time a little better for a baby who hates it.  It has mirrors and a lot of cute toys and places to attach rings!
9.)   Avent Soothie Pacifier- These dumb things were the ONLY pacis Hallie would take FOREVER! They are ugly and cover her whole face, but she loves them!
10) Kate Quinn organics receiving blanket- This blanket is so soft! And Hallie loves it!
For Mommy
1.) Coffee! I really don't care what brand for the most part, but Dunkin Donuts is my FAVE...and trust me..I bleed coffee..especially now!
2.) My planner!! I know, I know! I've told you before, but seriously this brand! It has a grid system, so I can keep work separate from my personal life, separate from Christopher's schedule and Hallie's schedule! AMAZING! 
3) High Rise Leggings from Forever 21- I love how these stretched with my baby belly before and after pregnancy while I worked on getting back into jeans! 
4.) Gilligan O'Malley nursing bras- These were comfy and functional while I was pumping (THANK THE LORD I AM DONE)
5.) A phone with a great camera to capture those smiles and cute faces for friends and family! I have the Samsung S5, sorry guys, not an                                                                                                                               Apple user here...
6.) High Low shirts to go over said leggings. Especially ones that open in the front for...ahem...easy access,,,
7.)Thermos Intak water bottle- I love how there is a dial on the side that counts how many times I have filled it up, so I can make sure to drink plenty of water, while nursing, and now while I am still attempting to lose that baby weight!
 8.) Ouchless hair ties- Love these from Goody because they are cute and people might not notice that you have spit up in your hair...ha! Just kidding, but seriously, these are great! Best part..they dont leave creases! 
9.) Coach Diaper Bag- LOVE THE POCKETS!
10.) Motorola Video Monitor- This one is cool because you can move the camera around on the handheld device in case baby moves in the crib.  It also has a microphone so you can talk to baby from another room! 

What were your must- haves in the first few months?
<3 Kelly  
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  1. Love your must haves, so fun. That planner is fabulous! And your lil girl is cute as ever!

    1. Thank you so much! I highly recommend everyone get this planner! lol! LIFESAVER!

    2. So many of my favorites in this list and it's giving me major baby fever since Kennedy is almost two! We loved the Avent soothie pacis, Halo sleep sacks and the rock and play sleeper! Our rock and play does not have vibration though, hmm, may need a new one for the next baby! We also love and still love our Motorola video monitor.

    3. How funny! Glad to hear you have baby fever, I keep thinking I'll never want another one because a. My pregnancy was awful and b. Hallie is such a good baby I'm worried number 2 would bea nightmare!

  2. Hey,
    I really like your lovely Blog. Do you want to follow each other via GFC?
    If yes please tell me and i follow you 100% back :)

    Greetings & Kisses from Germany

    1. Thanks! I am not on GFC, but I am a member of bloglovin

  3. We loved our rock n play sleeper, and a video monitor is an absolute must! We also love our Mamaroo! (she will still nap in it sometimes at 5 months) :)

  4. Love the Rock-n-Play Sleeper. Wow, what a wonder for our middle and youngest daughters!! Loved it...all great advice :)

  5. Those onesies, that halo sleep sack and my monitor!! Love, love.... Oh and the breast pump :-)

    1. Oh yes... love hate relationship with that thing!

  6. Great must have list. Mine was very similar but I would have to add a baby swing on there. Elin LOVED her swing!

    1. Good one! I was kind of apprehensive not having one, but she seems to be okay. I have nannied for kids who couldn't do without them though!


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