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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's in my Bag?

I have watched so many other bloggers dump their bags and purses and each time I am itching to see what other mommies carry with them on a daily basis! So I finally decided to dump my diaper bag and give you a look as to what is on the inside! 

First off, when I decided to do this, I kept thinking about this scene from HIMYM and couldn't stop giggling! 

So First, you may already remember my bag, from this post:

It is an older design that I found new on ebay.

The Coach Peyton collection diaper bag can be found Here.

I love it for SO many reasons!!! But my top 2:

1. It is purple

2. It has a TON of pockets!

Don't believe me? Check out all the things I can jam inside!
 First off are my basics...the things I need no matter where I go, diaper bag or not!

1. My Juicy Wallet...it's a little old, but one of my favorite things Christopher gave me while we were still dating.  You can still get one here.

2. As you can see I am a big fan of Ebay...I bought my Juicy Sunnies when they were brand new from the Juicy store, probably 8 years ago.  About 4 years ago I lost them and was super sad because it is hard to find Sunglasses with a good fit for my teeny head...so I went on Ebay and bought the same exact pair...only me, I know! Now it's coming time for replacement again....and I CANT FIND THEM! :( Still unsure what I will do!

3. My keys...duh!

 4. Chapstick...another necessity

5. Travel Tissues...I work with little kiddos and you have no idea how many times one of them has sneezed a huge snot bomb and I am scrambling to find a Starbucks napkin or something....these are a must

6.  Bath and Body Works Hand sanitizer...see number 5!

 7. An extra blanket.  This one is from Target, and though Hallie is not a fan of being swaddled in it, it's perfect to lay on the floor for her to play on whether I am at work or a friend's house

8.  A toy...Freddie the Firefly is our favorite right now because it is black and white on the back and Hallie loves the contrast.  

9. A book...My girls at work just love to read to Hallie, so I always have a book on hand.  Love this Sandra Boynton one....love everything she writes!

10. A burp cloth...this cute one was made by one of our friends.

11. paci wipes...Hallie is really good at projectile spitting her pacifier across the room onto the floor. 

12.  A spare newborn onesie...yes...my tiny little baby is still in Newborn clothes and probably will be forever! This one is from an adorable 5 pack from Dillards! So cute!

13.  Little Tummies Gas Drops...my poor baby has the worst gassy tummy!

 14.  If you are an avid reader of my Blog or know me well, you know I have an emotional attachment to my planner...and if you are a crazy organizer like me, you MUST HAVE THIS PLANNER!  

15. A purple pen..my signature color

16. My cell phone charger for work...in case I am in the red

17.  My business cards

 18. My AMAZING Water bottle

19. A healthy snack

20. Changing pad, diapers and wipes.  We use Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers  

21. Spare Pacis...These are the only ones Hallie will take...despite all the cute ones I bought and was given.

Can you believe all of that fit in my bag?! What's in your bag.  Tell me or show me in the comments! 


  1. YAY love this! Sandra Boynton books are some of our faves, too! So fun :)


  2. If you don't already have it, get pajama time!

  3. I love seeing what's inside other people's bags! Thanks for sharing -- You should link this post up with us for the Diaper Bag link up!


    1. Okay! I saw it, but I thought it was just for toddlers! Thanks! :)

  4. Super cute bag!! And I love how much you can fit in there!

    1. Thank you! It's seriously insane how much I can fit!

  5. Those paci wipes are the best!!! :) And I love your bag!

    1. Thank you! Love the paci wipes! Lifesaver!

  6. Wow, it's like a Mary Poppins bag...but way cuter!

    1. Thanks! I was actually Mary Poppins last Halloween! lol!

  7. I'm so glad you linked this!! And can I just say how much I love your wallet?! So adorable!!
    Oh I miss packing around some of this stuff! Proof that Mia is growing way too quickly :(

    1. Maybe time for another!? lol! Thanks...I probably need a new wallet but...I just love it!


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