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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The many Faces of Hallie: Deep Thoughts by: Hallie Mock

 Deep Thoughts by Hallie Mock

"I don't know why they keep giving me that milk, what I really want is Dad's Cheeseburger."

"Why does the furry member of my family say hello by licking my face."

"I really know how to hang on to my paci, but watching Mom and Dad rush to put it back in every time it falls out of my mouth is my favorite game."

"You say bedtime, like I say dinner time."

"If I'm not allowed to date until I'm 30, does that mean I have to pay for my own wedding?"

"Mother Goose is alright, but I think I'm ready for some Hemingway." 

"When I go to college, who's going to change my diaper?"

<3 Kelly 

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