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Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Car and Weekend Fun!

Hello Ladies and Gents, I trust you have all had/are having a great weekend! Our weekend has been super fun and super busy!!!

I go back to work on Monday, and for those of you who don't know I am a nanny to 3 adorable little girls. 
(here is their picture holding Hallie) 

 I am lucky enough to take Hallie to work with me, but since she is joining our little clan, plus all the things that come with taking care of an infant, my little Corolla just wasn't going to cut it anymore.  
So Friday morning, Joyce was so kind to come over to stay with Hallie (Ah! First time both Daddy and I were away from baby!) while Christopher and I went out to purchase a new car!

Here is my cute new Mommy Car! A Chevy Equinox! (Thanks Honey!) 


My mother in law came in from Houston to visit with Hallie! It is so hard with her being far away! We miss her every day, but enjoyed shopping and even had a "Make your own Pizza Party" at Christopher's Dad's house for dinner with his parents and brother and sister in law! I am kicking myself for not getting  any pictures!

It was Hallie's very first time at Church! We were so excited to go back, and Hallie was so good! 

Tonight we are having some friends over for a little BBQ.  Christopher has been itching to make a BBQ brisket since Hallie was born, so today is the day!  He has been working on it since early this morning! Pictures to come later! I have an adorable outfit picked out for Hallie to wear for the occasion! 

I hope everyone had as great of a weekend as we did, and tune in tomorrow for Must Have Monday! 
<3 Kelly 

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