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Monday, August 18, 2014

Must Have Monday-Back to School

Sorry I have been MIA fellow bloggers! We have had some unfortunate happenings lately...the most unfortunate being the loss of my beloved grandmother, Nana.  I will later write a post telling you all about her and how much she will be missed, however, it is...


This coming Monday, my little girls will be going back to school! This is actually the first year that I won't be going back myself, which is exciting, however I will miss my favorite thing ever....BUYING SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

For this Must Have Monday, I thought I would share some of the items that help keep me organized as a busy Mommy and Nanny!

Do It All Planner from Orange Circle Studio

My first and probably most important organizational tool is my CANT LIVE WITHOUT planner! I love this planer because it has a grid with large boxes for me to fill in what is planned for me and the members of my family for each day of the week.  I can keep my personal life, work, and Hallie and Christopher's schedules all in one place and my planner isn't a huge mess! Also I can color code it, which is huge for me as you can see!

A day in my life last Fall

Prepping for back to school this year!

Coach Peyton Diaper Bag
I am IN LOVE with my diaper bag! It isn't a brand new Coach, but I had to have this one because it had my signature color (PURPLE) on it, and it has LOTS and LOTS of pockets! It is perfect for a Mom/Nanny to keep each kids things organized!

I found it on Ebay and had a friend check with her buddy who works for Coach to make sure it was authentic and Christopher bought it for my birthday about a month before Hallie was born! (for almost 1/2 off the price of a brand new one, might I add! This one is still for sale on Ebay here! 

Thermos Intak Water Bottle
My last favorite tool, isn't quite an organizational tool, but PERFECT for the busy Mom/Nanny on the go, is the Thermos Intak Water bottle.  I have a hard time remembering to drink water, but this little baby is soo helpful with that! It has a dial under the lid that keeps track of how many times you have filled up the bottle during the day.  It was also great when I was nursing! You can find these amazing water bottles here!
I hope everyone had a great weekend! Is everyone done preparing for back to school? What are some of your favorite back to school or organizational tools?
Let me know! 
<3 Kelly 

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