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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meeting the Mock/Miller Clan

We had such a great weekend, despite the beginning being a little sad.  

Friday Night: 
We went to my Nana's Viewing and though sad, it was lovely.  Hallie got to meet my Great Aunt Paula, Nana's sister. She is one of my favorite ladies ever!   
Saturday Morning: 
Christopher and I ran around the house frantically packing for our trip to Houston, since we had to be at the Church for my grandmother's funeral early.  
The funeral was lovely and it was the first time all of the cousins on my mother's side were in the same room!
After the Burial:
Christopher and I high tailed it to Houston and made it in time to have dinner with his mom. She and I had a much needed margarita! Then we went to Christopher's sweet Aunt Melissa's house to stay for the rest of the weekend.  They are always so sweet and accommodating! 

Christopher's Mom and Aunts planned an adorable party to celebrate him getting his Masters and for all of the Houston family (Millers/Mocks) to meet little Hallie.  
Here is what our little fashionista wore:

 This Carter's Fish Print Dress is available Here! 
The party was so wonderful! Hallie got to meet Christopher's aunts, uncles, cousins, cousin's little kids and Grandma and Grandpa Mock! So much fun!!! Hallie is the first Mock Grand-baby to be born with the Mock name, so it was extra special!

Hallie and Memi (Christopher's Mom)

Hallie with Grandma and Grandpa Mock, Grandpa loved her!
Here is Hallie with Grandpa, Grandma some of the other great grandchildren! (Hallie is the only brunette here, but there are only 3 brunette great grandchildren of the 12! 

After the fun party we went back to Melissa's house and had a little cookout with some of the Millers! It was such a fun way to end such a great visit! Wish we could visit more!

Hallie and Taylor
  Me and My baby girl!

Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend! 
<3 Kelly 


  1. So, so sorry to hear about your Nana! The pictures of your sweet girl with your family and friends precious. Hope your travels were safe!


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