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Saturday, June 7, 2014

34 and 35 Weeks (Less than 5 weeks to go now! Holy cow!)

A lot has been happening! Getting ready for baby girl to make her appearance here in less than 5 weeks! Last weekend we went to Sarah's wedding in Austin! It was gorgeous! She was GORGEOUS! I was fat with swollen ankles, but I couldn't really help that! 

My 3 little girlies at work just started Summer vacation yesterday! 22 full days with them until my maternity leave begins! I hope I am able to plan some fun things  for us to do, but the waddling has begun! 

This weekend, Christopher is out of town in New Orleans for his cousin Matt's ordination to Priesthood! We are so proud of him! I wish I could have gone! Hallie and Stella and I have been just hanging our here nesting.  Laundry, cleaning out closets and today, Joyce and I are finishing up the letters for her room! :)


                                  How far along: 35+ weeks! Less than 5 to go!!!!
Gender: GIRL!!! Little Hallie Anne! :)
Weight gain: I think 22, but we go back to the Doc for a full growth scan on Thurs! 
Maternity clothes: Maternity Jeans, lots of leggings and dresses, and a size up in most of my T's! 
Stretch marks: None yet, thank goodness! 
Belly button in or out: In....but starting to protrude a bit
Sleep: Hard with my honey out of town, but I am still waking up due to baby! 
Best moment this week: Getting stuff done with Daddy gone
Worst moment this week: Daddy being gone....
Miss anything: Beach Club, feta, chocolate, coffee, wine, sleep, not being fat...
Movement: Yes! Though now I get more stretches and pushes than kicks! 
Cravings: ICE! I want snow cones and Popsicles all the time!  
Queasy or sick: Just back pain
Looking forward to:Christopher coming home tomorrow and seeing our baby again on Thursday!  (Also today, Lunch at Pastazios and snow cones with Joyce and Anna!!!)

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