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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day and 1st week of Summer with my Girlies

This past week was my first week at home with the girlies and we had A LOT of fun!!!

Monday: We had a "Backwards Sleepover"- We started at 9 a.m. with donuts and the girls friends left around 3 p.m.

We did all the things kids do at sleepovers...except sleep over! :)

We had a scavenger hunt and the girls looked for all the items they needed for their sleepover:
     >Popcorn Buckets
     >Nail Polish
     >Quiz Books
I divided the girls into 2 teams...Team Pink and Team Purple- All the items had a pink or purple tie on them so the girls knew which items belonged to them!

After they found all the items we played a couple of games:

>Who's in the Bag- the girls played musical sleeping bags, and the other girls had to guess who was in each bag.  

>Where's My Stuffy- The girls were blindfolded and they each had to find the stuffed animal they brought in a pile of stuffys! 

After the games we painted nails

Took Quizzes

Then we made mini pizzas 

Finally the girls "settled down" in their sleeping bags to watch a movie and each popcorn and candy
Tuesday: We went swimming. We took a picnic to the neighborhood pool! 
Wednesday: We played a game of Life-size Scrabble and Finger painted  

   Best Word on the board!!!!! 
 Thursday: We went swimming AGAIN! This time at my parent's house
 Friday: We made father's day crafts and bandanna flip flops! 
 Bandanna Flip Flops
 Father's Day Cards

  Coasters- We lined the bottom of tiles with camouflage felt, and mod podged pictures on top!


Looking forward to all the fun next week brings! 

On a closing note:
Happy Father's day to both my Daddy and my father in law!
 Me and my Daddy :)

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