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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Spaghetti Night!

Wednesday night was spaghetti night at our house! And not just regular spaghetti night....HOMEMADE SPAGHETTI NIGHT! If you have never had hand made pasta, you should march yourself over to your nearest Williams Sonoma and get a pasta machine ASAP! 

We were fortunate enough to get one for our wedding and this was the first night to put it to use! It was SO much fun and ridiculously delicious! Seriously! 

We had to take our rings off for this messy task!
We started out by making a fresh Marinara Sauce with some fresh ingredients:

 Tomato Squashing....really fun!


Then we started on the dough...

First We hand rolled it out! 
Then we fed the dough through the first part of the machine that flattens it out as thin as you want.  

Next we fed the flattened piece through the pasta cutter, and ended up with a ton of spaghetti strings! 

Before it was cooked

After! I told you...a ton!

I grated some fresh Parmesan! 

 Put a salad together!

Poured some wine 
 And we sat down to the most delicious meal I have ever had! It was so good! I can't wait to do it again!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weddings, Babies and Water Balloon Painting!

So a lot of exciting things have been happening! 
Friends Matt and Olivia were married last weekend! It was a beautiful wedding! I made the Flower Girl's tutu:

They seem so Happy!!!

We also have a brand new baby that entered the world on Monday!
Jennifer had baby Luke on Monday at 6:28 p.m! He weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz!

And he is ABSOLUTELY precious! 

My latest fun activity with the kiddos was Water Balloon painting!

I filled a bunch of water balloons with paint and they had fun throwing them at the fence! Here are the pictures:


I have some  better ideas for next time to make the paint brighter and to have them pop better(Thanks to my cousin Hannah!)...a lot of them ended up in the grass! 

Tonight Christopher and I are breaking out the pasta maker we got as a wedding gift and making homemade pasta and sauce!! I am SUPER excited!!! Pictures on that to come!!

Until then,
Mrs. Mock

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day and 1st week of Summer with my Girlies

This past week was my first week at home with the girlies and we had A LOT of fun!!!

Monday: We had a "Backwards Sleepover"- We started at 9 a.m. with donuts and the girls friends left around 3 p.m.

We did all the things kids do at sleepovers...except sleep over! :)

We had a scavenger hunt and the girls looked for all the items they needed for their sleepover:
     >Popcorn Buckets
     >Nail Polish
     >Quiz Books
I divided the girls into 2 teams...Team Pink and Team Purple- All the items had a pink or purple tie on them so the girls knew which items belonged to them!

After they found all the items we played a couple of games:

>Who's in the Bag- the girls played musical sleeping bags, and the other girls had to guess who was in each bag.  

>Where's My Stuffy- The girls were blindfolded and they each had to find the stuffed animal they brought in a pile of stuffys! 

After the games we painted nails

Took Quizzes

Then we made mini pizzas 

Finally the girls "settled down" in their sleeping bags to watch a movie and each popcorn and candy
Tuesday: We went swimming. We took a picnic to the neighborhood pool! 
Wednesday: We played a game of Life-size Scrabble and Finger painted  

   Best Word on the board!!!!! 
 Thursday: We went swimming AGAIN! This time at my parent's house
 Friday: We made father's day crafts and bandanna flip flops! 
 Bandanna Flip Flops
 Father's Day Cards

  Coasters- We lined the bottom of tiles with camouflage felt, and mod podged pictures on top!


Looking forward to all the fun next week brings! 

On a closing note:
Happy Father's day to both my Daddy and my father in law!
 Me and my Daddy :)

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