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Friday, May 31, 2013

Kitchen Update!

We just made a few little changes to our kitchen to make it feel more like our own!  There are still so many things I would like to do to it (Paint, redo cabinets and drawers, counter tops), but we are slowly taking baby steps! 

First, we got a pots and pans hanger for our wedding, and Christopher was so sweet to put it up the night before my birthday, to surprise me! 

So, another change I have been meaning to make is to put up all of the adorable plates all of our guests signed at our wedding (In lieu of a guest book) 

Here are all the plates:

I bought some cheap plate hangers at Hobby Lobby (1.99 each) 

Here is the kitchen before:

And After:


Looking forward to making more cute changes! 
-Mrs. Mock

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