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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Blogging

Here we are 5 months post wedding and I am finally getting around to starting this blog!

Here is a wedding picture:
I started this blog for a few reasons: 

1. To share my accounts as a wife including sharing recipes and exciting events such as home updates, projects and eventually becoming parents!

2. To talk about my job and the fun things I do with the girls I nanny for, I may also share some of the funny things they do and say!

3.  To keep you updated on the home stretch of my schooling! (6 more hours to go after this semester!!! Yesss!) 

4. Discuss my family's events including updates on my mom's health! 

5.  Talk about the fun things I do with my friends! 

So, I hope you enjoy and look forward to more blogs to come! 

-Kelly Mock

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