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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Birthday To Joycie...

One of my very best friends had a birthday this Tuesday. It was a great day, first I surprised her with a big birthday box full of balloons and her favorite, Hello Kitty knick knacks!

For lunch, we shared a salad at cheddars , something small to tide us over to a huge dinner!

Then, her parents took all of her friends and family out to a huge dinner at Kobe steakhouse! It was so much fun! Good food and great company!

So, funny story.... When her mom and I ordered the cake, we thought it was going to be about half the size that it was. I offered to pick it up for her, and when I got there it was a huge 16 inches tall orange cake! There was no way that was going to fit in my car without it falling over and splattering orange frosting everywhere! We ended up having it delivered. It was delicious though! Here are some pictures of our fun evening:

XOXO Joycie! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

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