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Friday, July 7, 2017

3 Years of Hallie Anne

Oh sweet bean, you are a Big 3 year old girl now! In the last year your baby face has gone and you are officially a kid. A big kid who is about to start preschool!

Here is all about you at 3 years old sweet pea:

  • Age- 3  years
  • Weight- OFFICIALLY on the charts at 25 lbs and in the 10th percentile. 
  • Length- 37 inches tall!! Thats 4 inches in a year! 50th Percentile! 
  • Size- First of all: Completely potty trained, even at night. Pants, PJs and Skirts- Usually 2T, sometimes smaller. We need a tiny waist and Shirts and dresses- 3T for length!
  • Eyes- Hazel like momma's
  • Hair- Light brown and really really long! 
  • Sleeping- We are still taking a nap, thank goodness! (Usually about 2 hours) Then she usually sleeps from 8:30pm- 7:30am 
  • Favorite Foods- BBQ with Daddy, Carbs, and sweets! 
  • Milestones-  Can write her name. Identifies most of her letters. Tells funny stories, can go potty by herself, dress herself and pretty much do everything herself because she is a threenager! 
  • Memorable outings and events- Lots of birthday and holiday parties, photo shoots, Church Fall festival, ballet class.  We started Swimming lessons.  
  • Favorite toys/activities-  Stuffed animals (Especially my puppy!) Baby June, Coloring and Arts and Crafts, Willa dolls, Dress up, Castle.  Books! 
  • Words/sounds- The kid loves to talk, and she is definitely advanced in the language department.  She can hold her own in conversations with adults and uses words like Exhausted, Brilliant and outstanding! She can also tell you about the Northern Lights and loves to recite facts about animals. 
  • Nicknames- H, Hal, Sweet pea, peanut and bean
  • Funny moments- She is always good for a laugh! Be sure to check our latest Hallieisms post
  • Looking forward to- Her starting preschool this Fall and watching her grow and learn so much more! 
Hallie Anne, you are momma's heart! You make me laugh with your wit and I am constantly amazed at how smart you are! You comprehend more than I could have imagined for any 3 year old! You are also so sweet and thoughtful! I love you more than you will ever know!
Xoxo, Mommy

Friday, June 30, 2017


Hallie's Mermaid Parties were so fun! She had such a good time with all of her family and friends! It was the best weekend of her life!
Here are all the fun details from her special days!

I painted these fun "Face in the Hole" Pirate and Mermaids for people to take photos! 

 All of the tables had shells.  I made the fun little sea friends to put on the windows.
 And my aunt helped me craft these jelly fish lanterns 

 It looked like rain that morning, so last minute we decided to get everything to make little terrariums! 
 And we set up a little activity station while we waited for the rain to clear. 

 Mermaid tail cupcakes for our friend party 

 Fish cookie favors 

Day 1 party ensemble 

 Hal and her pal Logan


 Family Party cake

Party Day 2 ensemble 

 One of her very favorite gifts! From Auntie Janie! A Treasure box FULL of jewelry 

 Hals new BFF from Bapa, Willa 

 Hals aunt Kate came in theme! 

 A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make her birthday weekend special! 

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